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Conocephalum salebrosum Szweykowski, Buczkowska & Odrzykoski (Marchantiopsida): modelling the occurrence of a hygrophytic species new to the bryoflora of Portugal, Madeira and Azores

C Sérgio, C Vieira, D Claro, C Garcia
Journal of bryology 2011 v.33 no.1 pp. 30-34
Marchantiopsida, bryology, models, Azores, Portugal
Conocephalum salebrosum Szweykowski, Buczkowska & Odrzykoski, a hygrophytic species, is newly reported for several localities in continental Portugal as well as in Madeira and Azores Islands. Information from studied specimens, and a map showing the actual distribution of this species and its closely related species, C. conicum (L.) Dumort., are provided as the basis for a discussion on the chorology and ecological ranges of both species. Additionally, a model of the potential distribution for both species in continental territory is developed through the Maximum Entropy Modelling technique, followed by an explanation of an hypothesis on the preferences of each species of Conocephalum known in this territory.