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Innovative alternatives for continuous in vitro culture of Babesia bigemina in medium free of components of animal origin

Martíneza Jesús A., Millán Julio V., Ueti Massaro W., Martínez Carmen
Pathogens 2020 v.9 no.5 pp. 343
Babesia bigemina, bioreactors, culture media, erythrocytes, fatty acids, in vitro culture, parasitemia
In this study, we report Babesia bigemina proliferation in culture medium free of components of animal origin supplemented with a lipid mixture. Babesia bigemina continuously proliferated in VP-SFM with a higher percent parasitized erythrocyte as compare to using other animal components-free culture media. Compared with ADMEM/F12, VP-SFM had a similar percent parasitized erythrocyte. Supplementation of VP-SF with a lipid acid mixture improved B. bigemina in vitro culture proliferation, with a maximum parasitemia of 11.3%. Growth of B. bigemina in a perfusion bioreactor using VP-SFM medium supplemented with a lipid mixture resulted in a parasitemia above 28%. In conclusion, we demonstrated that B. bigemina proliferated in an animal component free medium supplemented with a fatty acid mixture. This innovation to B. bigemina in vitro culture method presented herein is an important source of biological material for live vaccine production and understanding the mechanisms and molecules involved in parasite attachment and invasion of bovine erythrocytes.