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Quinoa and chia products as ingredients for healthier processed meat products: technological strategies for their application and effects on the final product

Fernández-López, Juana, Viuda-Martos, Manuel, Pérez-Alvarez, José Angel
Current opinion in food science 2021 v.40 pp. 26-32
Chenopodium quinoa, Salvia hispanica, bioactive compounds, food science, functional properties, ingredients, nutrients, processed meat, product development, quinoa grain
Chia and quinoa have gained in popularity among consumers worldwide due to the variety of nutrients and bioactive compounds they contain. The scientific enthusiasm that both sets of ingredients have generated, has contributed to deepening our knowledge of their physicochemical and functional properties, which, in turn, has revealed their great technological potential for meat product development. This review focuses on the strategies used to add chia or quinoa to meat products, the type of meat products in which this addition has been successfully achieved and the quality and technological parameters mainly affected by such addition. Apart from the different ways in which quinoa and chia can be incorporated into meat products, innovative approaches for counteracting any negative alterations they may cause are discussed.