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Characterizations and Bioavailability of Dendrimer-like Glucan Nanoparticulate System Containing Resveratrol

Shi, Yaning, Ye, Fan, Lu, Keyu, Hui, Qianru, Miao, Ming
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2020 v.68 no.23 pp. 6420-6429
antioxidant activity, bioavailability, corn, glucans, human cell lines, hydrogen bonding, hydrophilicity, ingredients, models, oxidative stress, protective effect, resveratrol, solubility
In this study, sugary maize dendrimer-like glucan (SMDG) was used as a delivery carrier for improving the bioavailability of resveratrol (RES). After optimization, the solubility of RES in RES-SMDG markedly increased to approximately 9.1 times that of the raw RES solution. The structural characterizations of the RES-SMDG formulation showed crystal RES was entrapped in the SMDG matrix for the amorphous state due to the strong intermolecular hydrogen bonds between the −OH of RES and glucan chains. In this case, antioxidant activity of RES-SMDG was markedly higher than that of the raw RES solution. In the Caco-2 cell model, the Pₐₚₚ value of RES in the RES-SMDG group was slightly higher than those of common permeable compounds, while the cellular uptake was significantly improved. RES-SMDG also exhibited protective effects against cellular damage under oxidative stress. The results indicated that SMDG is an attractive carrier to encapsulate and protect hydrophilic bioactive ingredients.