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'Changping 8': a new late-ripening apple in China

C. H. Zhang, F. Q. Yang, D. M. Chen, T. S. Zhao, X. S. Zhang, C. M. Li, Y. B. Zhao, Y. Fu, G. D. Zhao, X. Z. Zhang
Acta horticulturae 2019 no.1261 pp. 51-54
Botryosphaeria dothidea, Diplocarpon, Malus domestica, air, apples, disease resistance, fruit growing, fruit quality, fruits, fungal diseases of plants, leaves, oxidation, plant pathogenic fungi, taste, trees, China
A good new late-ripening apple ‘Changping 8’ was raised at the Changli Institute of Pomology (China) in 2014. It was derived from a cross between ‘Iwafu 10’ and ‘Sakata Tsugaru’ in 1993. It is a moderately vigorous upright spreading tree that produces spurs freely. The cropping is good and picking time is late October. The fruits are middle-large in size with an attractive appearance. Its flesh is sweet with a slight acid taste, delightfully crisp, fairly juicy, and oxidizes or turns brown slowly when exposed to air. It has excellent fruit quality at harvest that it maintains during long storage (more than 150 days). It shows resistance to multiple diseases; apple ring rot (Botryosphaeria dothidea Cesati & de Notaris) and apple leaf brown spot (Marssonina mali Ito).