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The effects of enzymes on fat content and texture of French fries

Lisinska, G., Tajner-Czopek, A., Kalum, L.
Food chemistry 2007 v.102 no.4 pp. 1055-1060
food chemistry, polygalacturonase, enzymatic treatment, lipid content, French fries, microstructure, potatoes, texture, food processing quality, fried foods, cell walls
The purpose of the present investigation was to study the changes in the microstructure of potato cells during French fries processing with the use of enzymes and to find the impact of the enzymes on fat content and texture of French fries. The samples for laboratory studies were of potato strips and French fries, collected from five locations of the technological line. The results obtained in the study show that pectolytic and hemicellulytic activities of enzymes used for French fries production improve the quality of the finished product, especially fat content, after the first and the second stage of frying, which was 10-20% lower in treated than in untreated French fries. The microstructures of treated and untreated French fries varied; the enzymes caused destruction of the cell wall.