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Registration of six partial waxy near‐isogenic hexaploid wheat genetic stock lines lacking one or two granule bound starch synthase I genes

Morris Craig F., A. M. Kiszonas, B. S. Beecher, G. L. Peden
Journal of plant registrations 2020 v.14 no.2 pp. 217-220
amylopectin, amylose, cultivars, flour, germplasm, hexaploidy, progeny, spring wheat, starch synthase
Starch is the leading component of wheat (Triticum spp.) grain and flour. Six hexaploid wheat (T. aestivum L.) near‐isogenic lines (NILs), WQL19WX7A (Reg. no. GS‐192, PI 691847), WQL19WX4A (Reg. no. GS‐193, PI 691848), WQL19WX7D (Reg. no. GS‐194, PI 691849), WQL19WX7A.A4 (Reg. no. GS‐195, PI 691850), WQL19WX7A.7D (Reg. no. GS‐196, PI 691851), and WQL19WX4A.7D (Reg. no. GS‐197, PI 691852), were developed to facilitate studies examining the role of starch amylose and amylopectin on wheat processing and end‐product quality and as parents to develop reduced amylose germplasm. Each NIL lacks a functional copy of one or two of the Waxy granule bound starch synthase I (GBSSI) genes and conversely possesses one or two functional genes. These genetic stocks were produced in ‘Alpowa’ soft spring wheat. The NILs are BC₇ sibs, selected among segregating BC₇ progeny using allele‐specific primers. The GBSSI null alleles were derived from the waxy cultivar Waxy‐Pen (PI 637779). These NILs are complemented by wild‐type Alpowa and a full waxy (zero amylose) line approved for release, ‘USDA Lori’. These lines were developed at the USDA Western Wheat Quality Laboratory.