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Registration of oilseed sunflower maintainer germplasm HA 488, with resistance to the red sunflower seed weevil

Michael G. DeGreef, Jarrad R. Prasifka, Brady D. Koehler, Brent S. Hulke
Journal of plant registrations 2020 v.14 no.2 pp. 203-205
Helianthus annuus, Smicronyx fulvus, germplasm, host plants, insect pests, oilseeds, pedigree
Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.), as a native crop, has numerous insect pests that cause economic damage to producers in the United States. The red sunflower seed weevil is a notable seed‐infesting insect pest throughout the U.S. sunflower growing region that is controlled only by insecticides; therefore, growers would benefit from host‐plant resistance to help mitigate the economic costs associated with infestation. HA 488 (Reg. no. GP‐369, PI 691857) is a maintainer inbred germplasm developed by pedigree selection that provides resistance to the red sunflower seed weevil. HA 488 is as resistant to red sunflower seed weevil as the donor parent PI 431542, an open‐pollinated variety that was previously shown to be one of the most resistant sunflower varieties in a diversity panel. HA 488 was released by the USDA‐ARS, Fargo, ND, to fill the need for sources of host‐plant resistance to important insect pests.