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Prevalence and therapeutic management of inter-digital wounds in goats of South Gujarat

M.D. Patel, K.K. Tyagi, L.M. Sorathiya, A.B. Fulsoundar
Indian journal of small ruminants 2015 v.21 no.1 pp. 145-148
administrative management, antibiotics, antiseptics, camphor, cleaning, goats, insect larvae, iodine, monsoon season, neem oil, ointments, potassium permanganate, prevalence, India
The present study reports the prevalence and therapeutic management of inter-digital wounds in goats of South Gujarat. Significantly higher prevalence of inter-digital wounds in goats was observed in monsoon season (93.30%) with an overall prevalence of 10.53%. The overall time required for complete healing ranged between 7.47 to 10.44 days. The use of a mixture of turpene oil, iodine, neem oil and camphor along with routine antiseptic dressing including cleaning of wound with mild potassium permanganate solution and application of herbal ointment was found advantageous in maggot infested inter-digital wounds. These wounds healed faster without re-occurrence and other complications in majority of cases. The use of parental antibacterial drug was found to be further beneficial for healing of complicated maggot infested inter-digital wounds of goats.