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Effect of storage on the safety and quality of fufu flour

Obadina, A.O., Oyewole, O.B., Odubayo, M.O.
Journal of food safety 2007 v.27 no.2 pp. 148-156
water content, cassava, cassava starch, flour, food storage, ambient temperature, relative humidity, water activity, pH, physicochemical properties, swelling (materials), water binding capacity, microbial detection, yeasts, bacterial contamination, molds (fungi), Aspergillus niger, Rhizopus, Geotrichum candidum, Candida, food spoilage, food contamination, fermented foods, predictive microbiology, microbial growth
Studies were carried out on the physicochemical characteristics and the fungi involved in the spoilage of fufu flour under storage at different relative humidities in ambient temperature.The physicochemical characteristics showed an increase in moisture content, decrease in swelling power, water-binding capacity and pH throughout the storage period. Fungi growths were noticed on the samples at different times. Relative humidity of 33% and 76% for 56 days and 48 days, respectively, had the minimum number of growth when compared to others. The fungi that were isolated from the fufu were Aspergillus niger, Rhizopus spp., Geotrichum candida and Candida spp. This study therefore showed that fufu flour will keep best when it is stored under the condition of 33% relative humidity at room temperature.