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Adhesion measurements between alginate gel surfaces via texture analysis

Walewijk, A., Cooper-White, J.J., Dunstan, D.E.
Food hydrocolloids 2008 v.22 no.1 pp. 91-96
food chemistry, particles, solutions, calcium chloride, texture, measuring devices, contact angle, modulus of elasticity, surface interactions, surfaces, adhesion, forces, alginate gels, measurement, interface phenomena, gelation
The interaction between two gelled alginate surfaces in a variety of solution environments was studied using a Texture Analyser. The influence of both the applied force and contact time on adhesion was investigated. The Young's modulus of the alginate gels in each environment was also determined. It was found that experiments performed in calcium chloride solutions with pre-cut flat surfaces offered the best reproducibility of measurements, due to the removal of the driving force for calcium exchange to the surrounding solution. Systematic trends were observed for this particular system: an increase in either applied force or contact time between the gelled surfaces gave rise to higher adhesion values. This study provides a solid protocol for investigating interactions between gelled biopolymer surfaces and has implications in particle-particle interaction and bulk rheological behaviour in particulate gel systems.