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Digestible energy, protein and amino acid content in selected short season corn cultivars fed to growing pigs

Opapeju, F.O., Nyachoti, C.M., House, J.D.
Canadian journal of animal science 2007 v.87 no.2 pp. 221-226
Zea mays, corn, swine, digestible energy, protein content, dietary protein, amino acid composition, cultivars, feed grains, digesta, ileum, feces, nutrient availability, Manitoba
The digestible energy (DE), ileal digestible crude protein (CP) and amino acid (AA) contents in two corn cultivars commonly grown in Manitoba were determined using six ileal cannulated barrows (average initial BW of 21.5 +/- 0.9 kg). Three samples of each cultivar, each obtained from two locations, were evaluated in six dietary treatments in a 2 x 3 factorial arrangement. Diets contained 97% corn and 0.3% chromic oxide as an indigestible marker, and were assigned to pigs in a 6 x 6 Latin square design. Ileal digesta and fecal samples were collected for determining energy and nutrient digestibilities. Location affected (P less than or equal to 0.05) ileal digestible indispensable AA, except for lysine and threonine. Cultivar affected (P less than or equal to 0.05) ileal digestible CP and indispensable AA, except for lysine, phenylalanine and valine. There was an interaction effect (P < 0.05) of location and cultivar on ileal digestible indispensable AA, except for lysine and histidine. Digestible energy, CP and AA averaged 3662 kcal kg(-1), 5.95% and 0.40%, respectively, in the dry matter. The content of digestible CP and AA in corn may vary with location and cultivar and this variation should be considered when formulating livestock feeds.