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Stages of Change Algorithm for Calcium Intake by Male College Students

Snelling, A.M., Adams, T.B., Tucker, L.
Journal of the American Dietetic Association 2006 v.106 no.6 pp. 904-907
dietary minerals, calcium, dairy products, nutrient intake, dietary recommendations, diet, nutritional adequacy, men, college students, eating habits, food choices, motivation, food frequency questionnaires, mathematical models, algorithms, model validation, United States
Using a sample of college-aged men, we evaluated the validity of a staging algorithm for dairy calcium intake that had been previously validated in a sample of college women. College-aged men enrolled at a private university in the United States were randomly selected to participate. The sample consisted of 180 male participants. Self-reported calcium intake was measured using a 26-item food frequency questionnaire. Stages of change classifications were based on a four-question algorithm for dairy calcium intake and a three-item self-efficacy questionnaire. Significant differences were found between dairy/calcium intake levels between precontemplation, contemplation/preparation, and action/maintenance groups. Results also showed that 46% of participants were in the action/maintenance stage. There was a significant difference in self-efficacy between members of the preaction and action stages. The study suggests that this stage of change algorithm for dairy calcium intake is valid for use in a male college student population.