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Flood economic assessment of structural measure based on integrated flood risk management: A case study in Beijing

Hao Wang, Jinjun Zhou, Ying Tang, Zilong Liu, Aiqing Kang, Bin Chen
Journal of environmental management 2021 v.280 pp. 111701
case studies, climate change, economic analysis, environmental management, risk, risk assessment, risk management, urbanization, China
Flood disasters have appeared more frequently in recent years because of climate change and urbanization, and Integrated Flood Risk Management (IFRM) has emerged as an effective method to reduce damage from these floods. This research studies IFRM methods in three aspects: flood risk identification of high-risk areas, flood risk assessment to quantify economic losses, and flood risk management to identify structural measures with the greatest engineering benefits. These methods were applied to Beijing as a case study, and the results showed that the Zuoan-Road area was a high-risk area with economic losses ranging from 0.7 million to 35.9 million euros over different return periods. There are five structural measures in Zuoan-Road area, with engineering benefits ranging from 0.97 to 1.60 over different return periods, and the one with the greatest engineering benefits had a fifty-year return period. The results of this research can be used to support urban flood risk management in Beijing.