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SCS-CN based time-distributed sediment yield model

Tyagi, J.V., Mishra, S.K., Singh, Ranvir, Singh, V.P.
Journal of hydrology 2008 v.352 no.3-4 pp. 388-403
water erosion, sediment yield, watersheds, watershed hydrology, rain, infiltration (hydrology), India, United States
A sediment yield model is developed to estimate the temporal rates of sediment yield from rainfall events on natural watersheds. The model utilizes the SCS-CN based infiltration model for computation of rainfall-excess rate, and the SCS-CN-inspired proportionality concept for computation of sediment-excess. For computation of sedimentographs, the sediment-excess is routed to the watershed outlet using a single linear reservoir technique. Analytical development of the model shows the ratio of the potential maximum erosion (A) to the potential maximum retention (S) of the SCS-CN method is constant for a watershed. The model is calibrated and validated on a number of events using the data of seven watersheds from India and the USA. Representative values of the A/S ratio computed for the watersheds from calibration are used for the validation of the model. The encouraging results of the proposed simple four parameter model exhibit its potential in field application.