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Conditional simulation of categorical spatial variables using Gibbs sampling of a truncated multivariate normal distribution subject to linear inequality constraints

Francky Fouedjio, Celine Scheidt, Liang Yang, Yizheng Wang, Jef Caers
Stochastic environmental research and risk assessment 2021 v.35 no.2 pp. 457-480
data collection, normal distribution, principal component analysis, research, risk assessment
This paper introduces a method to generate conditional categorical simulations, given an ensemble of partially conditioned (or unconditional) categorical simulations derived from any simulation process. The proposed conditioning method relies on implicit functions (signed distance functions) for representing the categorical spatial variable of interest. Thus, the conditioning problem is reformulated in terms of signed distance functions. The proposed approach combines aspects of principal component analysis and Gibbs sampling to achieve the conditioning of the unconditional categorical realizations to the data. It is applied to synthetic and real-world datasets and compared to the traditional sequential indicator simulation. It appears that the proposed simulation technique is an effective method to generate conditional categorical simulations from a set of unconditional categorical simulations.