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Quality of e-commerce agricultural products and the safety of the ecological environment of the origin based on 5G Internet of Things technology

Zijiang Zhu, Yuehua Bai, Weihuang Dai, Dong Liu, Yi Hu
Environmental technology & innovation 2021 v.22 pp. 101462
Internet, e-commerce, environmental technology, income, information systems, supply chain, sustainable development
The quality and safety of agricultural products is not only related to the consumption and health of residents, but also related to the sustainable development of agriculture. It is one of the hot spots for the government and residents. In addition to the rapid development of e-commerce and the continuous improvement of consumption levels of urban and rural populations, the quality and safety of agricultural products pose new risks and new hidden dangers. The purpose of this paper is to study the quality and safety of e-commerce agricultural products based on 5G Internet of Things technology. This paper mainly studies and uses the key technologies of 5G Internet of Things to build a circulation information system for agricultural products based on 5G Internet of Things, so as to realize the real-time positioning, information sharing and security of circulation in the supply chain of agricultural products. Experiments show that 5g Internet of things can not only provide agricultural producers, sellers and ordinary users with more efficient, convenient and accurate quality and safety information of agricultural products, but also improve the efficiency of agricultural products circulation and effectively reduce the cost of agricultural products circulation. In this paper, the RFID technology of 5G Internet of Things is used. The experimental result is that the revenue growth rate of the e-commerce business is 30%. We can see that the increase in e-commerce business revenue is due to the 5G Internet of Things improving the quality of e-commerce produce to some extent.