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Sequence Analysis of the VP2 Hypervariable Region of Eight Very Virulent Infectious Bursal Disease Virus Isolates from the Northeast of China

Yuwen, Y., Gao, Y., Gao, H., Qi, X., Li, T., Liu, W., Wang, X.
Avian diseases 2008 v.52 no.2 pp. 284-290
Infectious bursal disease virus, virulence, strains, strain differences, nucleotide sequences, microbial genetics, vaccination, vaccines, amino acid sequences, genetic variation, China
Nucleotide sequences of the VP2 gene of eight infectious bursal disease viruses isolated from vaccinated chicken flocks in the northeast of China were determined. The sequence analysis showed that all of the isolates were also characterized by the vvIBDV conserved amino acid residues: 222A, 256I, 294I, and 299S. Four of them had one amino acid change (D leads to N) at position 212 in VP2 major hydrophilic peak A, while two of the four isolates had another one (A leads to V) at position 321 in major hydrophilic peak B. The other isolates were similar to the UK661 strain. Our findings demonstrated that the vvIBDV strains in the northeast of China could be diverse.