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Agricultural market access: A moving target in the WTO negotiations

Brockmeier, Martina, Pelikan, Janine
Food policy 2008 v.33 no.3 pp. 250-259
market access, agricultural industry, World Trade Organization, trade negotiations, trade barriers, tariffs, agricultural products, globalization, international trade, development policy, Qatar
This article analyzes the impact of multilateral market access liberalization of the Doha Round agricultural negotiations. At the center are the effects of variations in the magnitudes of tariff cuts, different tariff cutting formulas, the tariff capping as well as different numbers and width of tariff bands. The simulations are conducted with an extended version of the GTAP model and the GTAP database (6.0) including bound and applied rates and a module to cut tariffs at the 6-digit tariff line level. The results reveal that the heights of the tariff cuts and the kind of tiered formula applied are most important for the outcome of the Doha Round, while the width of tariff bands and the tariff capping only have a moderate influence on the countries' trade pattern and welfare. In contrast, the number of tariff bands is not important for the results.