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RNA modifications in cardiovascular diseases, the potential therapeutic targets

Yirong Wu, Siyao Zhan, Yizhou Xu, Xiangwei Gao
Life sciences 2021 v.278 pp. 119565
coronary disease, epigenetics, heart failure, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, methylation, non-coding RNA, nucleotides, ribose, therapeutics, topology
More than one hundred RNA modifications decorate the chemical and topological properties of these ribose nucleotides, thereby executing their biological functions through post-transcriptional regulation. In cardiovascular diseases, a wide range of RNA modifications including m⁶A (N6-adenosine methylation), m⁵C (5-methylcytidin), Nm (2′-O-ribose-methylation), Ψ (pseudouridine), m⁷G (N7-methylguanosine), and m¹A (N1-adenosine methylation) have been found in tRNA, rRNA, mRNA and other noncoding RNA, which can function as a novel mechanism in metabolic syndrome, heart failure, coronary heart disease, and hypertension. In this review, we will summarize the current understanding of the regulatory roles and significance of several types of RNA modifications in CVDs (cardiovascular diseases) and the interplay between RNA modifications and noncoding RNA, epigenetics. Finally, we will focus on the potential therapeutic strategies by using RNA modifications.