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Facile synthesis of catalase@ZIF-8 composite by biomimetic mineralization for efficient biocatalysis

Feng Guo, Zhonghao Xu, Wendong Zhang, Tongxin Wang, Xiaoxuan Di, Qian Zhang, Zihan Zhu
Bioprocess and biosystems engineering 2021 v.44 no.6 pp. 1309-1319
ambient temperature, biocatalysis, biomimetics, bioprocessing, catalase, dimethyl sulfoxide, encapsulation, enzymatic hydrolysis, enzyme activity, methanol, mineralization, pH, protein denaturation, solvents, tetrahydrofuran, wastewater
Enzymes immobilized in metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) have attracted great attention as a promising hybrid material. In the study, a novel biomimetic mineralization encapsulation process for a highly stable and easily reusable catalase (CAT)@ZIF-8 composite has been designed. This immobilization process provides a high enzyme loading of 70 wt %. The CAT@ZIF-8 composites exhibited a much lower Kₘ value and better enzyme activity than those of free CAT, exhibiting good stability against enzymatic hydrolysis and protein denaturation under harsh conditions. The inhibitory effects of pesticides such as pH, temperature, solvent (i.e., methanol, dimethyl sulfoxide and tetrahydrofuran) and storage at room temperature (6 months) on the activity of free and immobilized catalase enzyme were investigated. The CAT@MOF composites also exhibited excellent reusability, an obvious advantage for treating a wastewater from food processing. The CAT@MOF developed is promising for the efficient removal of H₂O₂ under harsh conditions.