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Assessment of a new edible film biodegradable based on starch-nystose to increase quality and the shelf life of blackberries

Gabrielly Terassi Bersaneti, Sandra Helena Prudencio, Suzana Mali, Maria Antonia Pedrine Colabone Celligoi
Food bioscience 2021 v.42 pp. 101173
anthocyanins, biodegradability, blackberries, edible films, firmness, fruits, nystose, pH, prebiotics, sensory evaluation, shelf life, starch
Biodegradable edible films have been studied, because increase the shelf life of different foods that are highly perishable and, in addition, they carry on other compounds that improve their mechanical properties coating and add value to the final product. Therefore, in this study, was evaluated the effect of an edible prebiotic coating of starch with the addition of nystose, with the objective to preserve the quality and increase the useful life of blackberries stored at 4 °C for 20 days. Control fruits and those coated only with starch showed higher counts for psychrotrophic microorganisms and molds and yeasts after 7 days and fruits with starch-nystose coating contamination was reduced with counts recommended for consumption. The starch and starch-nystose coatings were effective in delaying the increase in pH, maintaining the firmness and anthocyanin content of the fruits. The sensory evaluation showed that the fruits coated with the starch-nystose film obtained good acceptance and purchase intention, without significant differences with the control fruit. These results are promising, the biodegradable starch coating with the addition of nystose proved to efficient, preserving the quality of blackberry, and can be an innovative alternative to prolong the useful life of the fruits.