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Seminal plasma damages sperm during cryopreservation, but its presence during thawing improves semen quality and conception rates in boars with poor post-thaw semen quality

Okazaki, T., Abe, S., Yoshida, S., Shimada, M.
Theriogenology 2009 v.71 no.3 pp. 491-498
boars, seminal plasma, semen, conception, spermatozoa, cryopreservation, thawing, freezing, sperm motility, acrosome, capacitation, animal proteins, artificial insemination
To determine the effects of seminal plasma during and after cyopreservation on post-thaw sperm functions in semen from poor freezability boars, seminal plasma was removed immediately after collection, and sperm was subjected to cooling and freezing. Removal of seminal plasma did not significantly affect post-thaw sperm motility in good freezability boars; however, in boars with poor freezability, it increased post-thaw motility relative to control sperm cooled with seminal plasma (64.5±3.4% vs. 30.9±3.1%, P <0.01). Freezing sperm without seminal plasma increased both loss of the acrosome cap (37.5±1.6% vs. 18.4±2.8%, P <0.01) and expression of a 15kDa tyrosine-phosphorylated protein (capacitation marker) in thawed sperm relative to controls; the addition of 10% (v/v) seminal plasma to the thawing solution significantly suppressed both changes and increased conception rate to AI (70% vs. 9% in the control group, P <0.05). In conclusion, our novel cryopreservation and thawing method increased the success of AI with frozen-thawed porcine semen, particularly from boars with poor post-thaw semen quality.