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Molecular Characterizations of Avian Polyomavirus Isolated from Budgerigar in China

Kou, Zheng, Zhang, Zhong, Chen, Shengliang, Fan, Zhaojun, Tang, Shuang, Zhao, Lin, Li, Tianxian
Avian diseases 2008 v.52 no.3 pp. 451-454
liver, Ciconiiformes, budgerigars, phylogeny, Passeriformes, Aves polyomavirus 1, genotype, necropsy, genomics, bird diseases, molecular conformation, microbial genetics, China
Budgerigar fledgling disease is an acute viral infectious disease caused by avian polyomavirus (APV). In this study, 34 liver tissue samples of young, dead budgerigar with typical symptoms were collected in 2004. All the samples had positive polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test based on the VP1 specific primers. VP1 genes of these samples were sequenced and had high similarities to each other (99%-100%). A strain (HBYM02) was isolated and sequenced. As shown in the phylogenetic tree, there are two branches. One branch was composed by strains isolated from Passeriformes, and the other was composed only by one strain isolated from Falconiformes. The genome similarities between our isolate and other reported isolates were very high (>99%), and the evolution distances in the phylogenetic tree were very short (<0.005), which suggests that APV in China has the same genotype as those in other regions. The results will be useful for the diagnoses of, and vaccine development for, APV.