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Assessment of the antioxidant capacity of a fermented grain food product, Antioxidant Biofactor (AOB), by using pyranine and pyrogallol red as a combined probe

Omata, Yo, Ogawa, Yoko, Saito, Yoshiro, Yoshida, Yasukazu, Niki, Etsuo
Food chemistry 2009 v.114 no.2 pp. 429-433
antioxidant activity, food analysis, food composition, fermented foods, grain foods, pyrogallol, probes (equipment), oxidative stress, lipid peroxidation
The role of antioxidants contained in foods, beverages, and supplements against oxidative stress has received much attention. The capacity of antioxidants has been assessed by various methods. In this study, the antioxidant capacity of a complex mixture of fermented grains has been assessed by using two probes, pyranine and pyrogallol red (PGR). A supplement commercialised as Antioxidant Biofactor, AOB, was used as a substrate. The extracts from AOB obtained with water and dimethylsulphoxide (DMSO) inhibited the free radical-induced consumption of pyranine and PGR in a concentration-dependent manner. They also suppressed the free radical-induced oxidation of human plasma. It was estimated that 1g of AOB contained, as Trolox equivalent, roughly 0.13 and 0.24mmol (2.5 and 4.7wt%) antioxidants, which could be extracted by water and DMSO, respectively. This study shows that the combination of the above two probes is useful for assessing the total content and activity of antioxidants contained in complex mixtures.