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Preparation and characterisation of crosslinked waxy potato starch

Luo, Fa-xing, Huang, Qiang, Fu, Xiong, Zhang, Le-xing, Yu, Shu-juan
Food chemistry 2009 v.115 no.2 pp. 563-568
adipic acid, acetylation, crosslinking, potato starch, chemical reactions, precipitation, reaction kinetics, starch granules, viscosity, physicochemical properties, physical properties, analytical methods
Using waxy potato starch as the raw material, the preparation, and determination of physical and chemical properties of acetylated distarch adipate (ADA) were studied systematically. The experimental variables investigated include temperature, pH, and reaction time, which all have influence on the degree of substitution (DS) of crosslinked waxy potato starch. Results show that the optimal reaction was obtained at a pH range of 9.0-9.5, a temperature of 35°C, and a reaction time of 2h. The structures of ADA starch were characterised by FT-IR, and the results indicate a new absorption peak at 1732cm⁻¹ which is assigned to the CO stretching vibration. It was found through polarised light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) that the starch granule structure did not substantially change after crosslinking. The modified waxy potato starch paste exhibited excellent viscosity stability, acid resistant, salt tolerance properties and good breakdown. The swelling of ADA starch granules was gradual over a wide range of temperatures.