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Initial growth results comparing first generation F1 and advanced-generation F2 Pinus patula × Pinus tecunumanii interspecific hybrid families

André Nel, Juan J Acosta, Gary R Hodge
Southern forests 2021 v.83 no.2 pp. 170-176
Fusarium circinatum, Pinus patula, Pinus tecunumanii, altitude, field experimentation, hybrids, mortality, progeny, seed yield, wood, South Africa
The hybrid between Pinus patula and P. tecunumanii low elevation (PPTL) and high elevation (PPTH) sources was developed in the 1990s in South Africa and commercialised during the 2000s in response to high post-establishment mortality of P. patula caused by Fusarium circinatum. The growth and wood properties for these hybrids are also superior to the parental species. This study describes an experiment where F1 hybrid families and F2 advanced hybrid families of the Pinus patula × P. tecunumanii low elevation hybrid were compared in a progeny field experiment. Seed yield and early growth at three years is reported. The early results from this study indicate that there were no significant differences in growth between the F1 and F2 PPTL hybrid and both the F1 and F2 hybrid outperformed the pure P. patula control. These early results should be monitored further to determine if this trend continues. The F2 hybrid offers the opportunity to obtain tolerance of F. circinatum and better growth than P. patula at a much lower cost than that of deployment of the F1 PPTL hybrid.