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Usefulness of calcium lactate, citrate and gluconate for calcium enrichment of dry fermented sausages

Selgas, M.D., Salazar, P., García, M.L.
Meat science 2009 v.82 no.4 pp. 478-480
fermented foods, sausages, dried meat, food fortification, fortified foods, lactates, citrates, gluconic acid, pork, backfat, nutritive value, mineral content, calcium, sensory evaluation, sensory properties, physicochemical properties
Food manufacturers are interested in new ways to improve the nutritional value of their meat products. In this study, calcium lactate, gluconate and citrate have been added to dry fermented sausages in an attempt to determine whether they are useful for enriching these meat products with calcium. The sausages were manufactured with different amounts of pork backfat (6, 15, and 30%) and the salts were added in sufficient amounts to 100g of sausage to give 20% and 30% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of calcium established by the Institute of Medicine of the USA (1000mg/day). The lower concentration of whichever calcium salt (20% of RDA), was the most sensorially adequate. With this amount these sausages can be considered a “source of calcium”. In addition, we found that the lower backfat percentage (6%) compromises the acceptability of the product.