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Molecular cloning and characterization of CD14 gene in goat

Pal, Aruna, Chatterjee, P.N.
Small ruminant research 2009 v.82 no.2-3 pp. 84-87
immunity, complementary DNA, open reading frames, goats, polymerase chain reaction, amino acid sequences, antimicrobial peptides, codons, genomics, immune system, molecular cloning, molecular weight, animal genetics
The present study was carried out in the Animal Genetics Division, Indian Veterinary Research Institute. The cDNA for CD14 gene of goat was amplified for the first time using PCR with ATGGTCTGCGTGCCCTACCTG as forward primer and GGAGCCCGAGGCTTCGCGTAA as reverse primer. The PCR product of 1122bp was eluted, purified, cloned and sequenced by automated sequencer (ABI prism) using dideoxy chain termination method. CD14 cDNA (Gene bank Accession no. DQ457090) revealed 1122bp nucleotide with ATG as start codon followed by an open reading frame of 1116 nucleotides and TAA as stop codon. GC content of caprine CD14 gene was found to be as high as 62.21%. The predicted peptide sequence revealed 373 amino acids precursor corresponding to coding sequence of CD14 gene and a 20 amino acid signal peptide. Caprine CD14 peptide is of higher Mol wt. than buffalo, but lesser than cattle. Caprine CD14 cDNA gene is 92.0, 92.5, 75.7, 76.1, 69.2 and 61.7% identical to buffalo, cattle, human, dog, mouse and rat cDNA.