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Effect of fat content and storage time on the rheological properties of Dutch-type cheese

Sadowska, Jadwiga, Białobrzewski, Ireneusz, Jeliński, Tomasz, Markowski, Marek
Journal of food engineering 2009 v.94 no.3-4 pp. 254-259
viscoelasticity, mathematical models, elasticity (mechanics), viscosity, food storage, modulus of elasticity, storage quality, traditional foods, stress relaxation, low fat cheeses, viscometry, Poland
The present study was designed to determine the influence of fat reduction and storage time on changes in the viscoelastic properties and, separately, in the viscous and elastic properties of Dutch-type cheese, based on the results of a stress-relaxation test. Another aim was to compare two models, i.e. (I) the generalized Maxwell model and (II) the semi-empirical Maxwell model, which describe the rheological properties of cheese during ripening and storage. The experimental material comprised blocks of full-fat and low-fat Dutch-type cheese obtained directly from a dairy plant. An analysis of model (I) coefficients revealed a statistically significant effect of production technology and storage time on the viscoelastic properties of Dutch-type cheese. An analysis of model (II) coefficients representing the viscous and elastic properties of cheese also indicated that experimental factors had no statistically significant effect on changes in the above properties. However, the conclusions derived based on the generalized Maxwell model seem more reliable.