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Starter culture development for improving safety and quality of Domiati cheese

Ayad, Eman H.E.
Food microbiology 2009 v.26 no.5 pp. 533-541
food preservation, Domiati cheese, chemical composition, cheese starters, Lactococcus lactis, sodium chloride, nutritive value, low sodium diet, viability, salt tolerance, population dynamics, bacteriocins, nisin, folic acid, sensory evaluation, flavor, texture, firmness, consistency
Eleven lactococci strains (sp. lactis and cremoris) were collected according to specific or selected characteristics for development of defined strain starter (DSS) to improve safety and nutritional quality of traditional and low salt Domiati cheese. Thirteen DSS; nisin-producing system or/and folate-producing strains were prepared. The behaviour of the strains in DSS was studied in milk and in two series of Domiati cheese; the first one made with 5% NaCl and salt tolerant strains, the second made with 3% NaCl and the control cheeses were made without starters. The population dynamics of strains and sensory evaluation of cheese corroborated the results in milk. All strains can grow well together and appeared to produce pleasant flavours, normal (typical) body and texture Domiati cheese. There was no apparent difference in cheese composition between cheeses in each series; the levels were within margins for composition of Domiati cheese. The levels of nisin (IU g-1) ranged from 204 to 324 IU g-1 in 3-months' cheeses. Folate concentration increased in cheeses made with DSS cultures than control and the level ranged from 5.5 to 11.1 μg 100 g-1 in cheeses after 3 months. All results revealed that selected DSS can be used for improving Domiati cheese.