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0D/3D direct Z-scheme heterojunctions hybridizing by MoS2 quantum dots and honeycomb conjugated triazine polymers (CTPs) for enhanced photocatalytic performance

Shuqi Li, Weishun Lai, Xinming Jiang, Yashuang Wang, Xinyi Cai, Da Wang, Shuang Song, Min Liu, Tao Zeng
Journal of environmental sciences (China) 2023 v.124 pp. 602-616
durability, hybridization, photocatalysis, photocatalysts, triazines, China
Herein, a novel direct Z-scheme photocatalyst was accomplished by hybridization of 0D MoS₂ quantum dots (MSQDs) and 3D honeycomb-like conjugated triazine polymers (CTP) (namely, CTP-MSQD). The unique 0D/3D hierarchical structure significantly enhanced the exposure of active sites and light harvesting property, while the formed p-n junction enabled the direct strong interface coupling without the necessity of any mediators. The optimized CTP-MSQD3 exhibited continuously increased visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity and strong durability both in Cr(VI) reduction and H₂ evolution, featured a rate of 0.069 min⁻¹ and 1070 µmol/(hr∙g), respectively, which were 8 times than those of pure 3D-CTP (0.009 min⁻¹ and 129 µmol/(hr∙g)). We believe that this work provides a promising photocatalyst system that combines a 0D/3D hierarchical structure and a Z-scheme charge flow for efficient and stable photocatalytic conversion.