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Acetylated H4 histone and genomic DNA methylation patterns during bud set and bud burst in Castanea sativa

Santamaría, Ma. Estrella, Hasbún, Rodrigo, Valera, Ma. José, Meijón, Mónica, Valledor, Luis, Rodríguez, Jose L., Toorop, Peter E., Cañal, Ma. Jesús, Rodríguez, Roberto
Journal of plant physiology 2009 v.166 no.13 pp. 1360-1369
Castanea sativa, buds, histones, cytosine, DNA methylation, acetylation, provenance, Spain
The relationships between genomic DNA cytosine methylation, histone H4 acetylation and bud dormancy in Castanea sativa are described. Acetylated H4 histone and genomic DNA methylation patterns showed opposite abundance patterns during bud set and bud burst. Increased and decreased methylation levels in the apical buds coincided with bud set and bud burst, respectively. Intermediate axillary buds were characterized by constant levels of DNA methylation during burst of apical buds and reduced fluctuation in DNA methylation throughout the year, which coincided with the absence of macro-morphological changes. Furthermore, acetylated histone H4 (AcH4) levels from apical buds were higher during bud burst than during bud set, as was demonstrated by immunodetection. Results were validated with three additional C. sativa provenances. Thus, global DNA methylation and AcH4 levels showed opposite patterns and coincided with changes in bud dormancy in C. sativa.