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Optimization of sugarcane bagasse conversion by hydrothermal treatment for the recovery of xylose

Boussarsar, Houda, Rogé, Barbara, Mathlouthi, Mohamed
Bioresource technology 2009 v.100 no.24 pp. 6537-6542
renewable energy sources, biomass, biorefining, raw materials, sugarcane bagasse, lignocellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, xylan, hot water treatment, physicochemical properties, chemical composition, acid hydrolysis, hydrolysates, reducing sugars, pentoses, xylose, oligosaccharides, monosaccharides, xylitol, hydrogenation, size exclusion chromatography
This work aims at the valorization of sugarcane bagasse by extracting xylose which is destined to the production of xylitol after purification and hydrogenation. Our approach consists in applying the principle of biorefinery to sugarcane bagasse because of its hemicellulose composition (particularly rich in xylan: (92%)). Optimizing of the thermal treatment was investigated. A treatment at 170°C for 2h was found optimal, with higher solubilzation of hemicellulose than that at 150°C and lower degradation of sugar monomers than 190°C. Recovery of xylose was high and the purity of xylose solution (78%) allows expecting an easy purification and separation of xylose before hydrogenation. Analysis of thermal hydrolyzates shows the presence of xylan oligomers and polymers with large distribution of DPs. This fraction should be submitted to enzymatic treatment to recover more xylose monomer.