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cis-Regulatory elements in plant cell signaling

Priest, Henry D, Filichkin, Sergei A, Mockler, Todd C
Current opinion in plant biology 2009 v.12 no.5 pp. 643-649
plants, signal transduction, biochemical pathways, transcription (genetics), gene expression regulation, transcription factors, regulatory sequences, bioinformatics, experimental design, nucleotide sequences, genomics, genome, plant physiology, circadian rhythm, plant adaptation, plant stress, plant hormones, plant growth, plant development
Plant cell signaling pathways are in part dependent on transcriptional regulatory networks comprising circuits of transcription factors (TFs) and regulatory DNA elements that control the expression of target genes. Here, we describe experimental and bioinformatic approaches for identifying potential cis-regulatory elements. We also discuss recent integrative genomics studies aimed at elucidating the functions of cis-regulatory elements in aspects of plant biology, including the circadian clock, interactions with the environment, stress responses, and regulation of growth and development by phytohormones. Finally, we discuss emerging technologies and approaches that offer great potential for accelerating the discovery and functional characterization of cis-elements and interacting TFs—which will help realize the promise of systems biology.