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A comparative study on the nutritional evaluation of the head, meat, roe, and viscera of rainbow smelt (Osmerus mordax)

Mingyu Yin, Min Chen, Takuya Yanagisawa, Ryosuke Matsuoka, Long Zhang, Weiqiang Qiu, Ningping Tao, Yinci Xi, Xichang Wang
Journal of food composition and analysis 2022 v.109 pp. 104469
Osmerus mordax, amino acid composition, comparative study, essential amino acids, food composition, head, hypercholesterolemia, meat, phospholipids
This study conducted a nutritional evaluation of the head (OH), meat (OM), roe (OR), and viscera (OV) composition of rainbow smelt (Osmerus mordax). Results suggested that the OH, OM, OR, and OV had a high-protein (11.38–15.00 g/100 g, wet weight) and low-fat content (4.09–5.60 g/100 g, wet weight). The main lipid compositions in Osmerus mordax were triglycerides and phospholipids. The essential amino acid content of OM and OV was significantly higher than that of OR and OV (P < 0.05). The amino acid and pattern score values of OH, OM, OR, and OV were in the good protein range. The unsaturated/saturated fatty acid ratios of OH, OM, OR, and OV ranged from 2.78 to 4.06 with high unsaturation. It was also found that the atherogenic index, thrombogenic index, and hypocholesterolemic/hypercholesterolemic fatty acid values of Osmerus mordax ranged from 0.43 to 0.59, 0.08–0.12, and 0.01–0.02, respectively, with the lowest values for OM. Mg, Ca, and Mn contents in OH were higher than those in OM, OR, and OV. Conclusively, Osmerus mordax contained appreciable amounts of nutrients, and moderate consumption of it has health benefits.