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Characterization of key aroma compounds in melon spirits using the sensomics concept

Jiang Zhang, Yuxia Sun, Xueqiang Guan, Weishuai Qin, Xiang Zhang, Yan Ding, Wenhua Yang, Jianli Zhou, Xiaobin Yu
Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + Technologie 2022 v.161 pp. 113341
acetates, economic valuation, flavor, fruits, melons, odors, sensory evaluation
Processing melon into spirits has important environmental and economic value. However, the flavour of melon spirits is undesirable and has yet to be studied. In this study, a combination of odour activity value, gas chromatography–olfactometry detection frequency analysis, aroma reconstitution, and omission tests showed that key aroma compounds (Group 1), including 3,6-nonadien-1-ol and 3-nonen-1-ol, were responsible for the undesirable green and fatty aromas of melon spirits. Meanwhile, the desirable fruity and floral aromas were provided by Group 2 compounds, which included isoamyl acetate and (E)-damascenone. Omission tests of Group 1 and Group 2 compounds showed that, similar to the fruit and floral aromas, the green and fatty aromas were important components of melon spirit flavour. Furthermore, adding Group 2 compounds to the spirits inhibited green and fatty flavours, improved the fruit and floral aromas, and enhanced the sensory evaluation of melon spirits. This study provides a basis for improving the production process and aroma of melon spirits.