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Molecular biological characterization of avian poxvirus strains isolated from different avian species

Manarolla, Giovanni, Pisoni, Giuliano, Sironi, Giuseppe, Rampin, Tiziana
Veterinary microbiology 2010 v.140 no.1-2 pp. 1-8
wild birds, poultry, bird diseases, wildlife diseases, poultry diseases, viral diseases of animals and humans, strains, Canarypox virus, Fowlpox virus, microbial genetics, molecular genetics, genetic variation, phylogeny, sequence analysis, polymerase chain reaction, genes, nucleotide sequences, genome, genomics, disease diagnosis, genetic markers, loci, validity
Fifteen strains of Avipoxvirus from different avian species were isolated and molecular biologically characterized. Most strains did not produce evident pocks on the chorioallantoic membranes of commercial and specific-pathogen free embryonated chicken eggs where, on the contrary, microscopic signs of viral growth were always detected. Polymerase chain reaction of highly conserved P4b gene was positive for all cases confirming to be a reliable diagnostic method for Avipoxvirus. Sequencing of these amplicons confirmed most strains clustered either with Fowlpox virus or with Canarypox virus whereas a possible new clade could be hypothesized for one strain from Japanese quail. Classification of Avipoxvirus strains by amplification of the newly identified locus fpv140 revealed major limitations as only five samples were positive. These results underline the importance to undertake similar studies on higher numbers of Avipoxvirus isolates and on wider genomic regions of this large viral group.