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Influence of lateral canal water depth on offtake and cross-regulator discharge

Shahrokhnia, Mohammad Ali, Javan, Mahmood, Shahrokhnia, Mohammad Hosein
Irrigation and drainage 2009 v.58 no.5 pp. 561-568
irrigation canals, irrigation water, depth, hydrologic models, simulation models, water flow, surface water level, irrigation systems, Iran
Monitoring and effective operation of control structures are of importance in a modern irrigation system. Previously developed sensitivity indicators can be useful tools for better management of irrigation systems. The influence of lateral canal water depth on the offtaking and ongoing discharges were simulated and evaluated using a simple model in the Doroodzan irrigation system in south-western Iran. Results confirmed the influence of water level changes in the lateral irrigation canal on offtake and cross-regulator discharge. Results obtained also led us to introduce and evaluate two other sensitivity indicators: offtake sensitivity to downstream water depth, and check sensitivity to tertiary canal water depth.Application of the sensitivity indicators in the Doroodzan irrigation system showed the usefulness of developed sensitivity indicators. The average sensitivity indicators varied from 1.10 to 0.44 (m⁻¹) for offtakes and 0.58 to 0.03 (m⁻¹) for cross-regulators.