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Structural transformation and oil absorption of starches with different crystal types during frying

Yi Wang, David Julian McClements, Jie Long, Chao Qiu, Shangyuan Sang, Long Chen, Zhenlin Xu, Zhengyu Jin
Food chemistry 2022 v.390 pp. 133115
absorption, beans, crystal structure, food chemistry, oils, peas, potato starch, starch, wheat, wheat starch
The changes in the structure and oil absorption characteristics of three different crystalline starches under different initial moisture levels (20–50%) during frying were investigated. The granule morphology of potato starch was more severely disrupted during frying, especially under 40% moisture or higher. At 50% moisture, the crystallinity of potato starch decreased by 29.7% and the R₁ value decreased by 0.17. The effect of frying treatment on the structural properties of wheat starch and pea bean starch was less than that of potato starch. At 30% moisture, the ΔH values for wheat starch, potato starch, and pea bean starch were 7.8, 5.5, and 8.1 J/g respectively. The above results showed that B-type potato starch was more susceptible to the effects during frying than A-type wheat and C-type pea bean starch, which led to more oil absorption of B-type potato starch than A-type wheat or C-type pea bean starch.