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An innovative design of planar fabric structure with transversely isotropic properties

Parnian Ghanbari, Hadi Dabiryan, Hooshang Nosraty
The journal of the Textile Institute 2022 v.113 no.5 pp. 701-712
algorithms, fabrics, isotropy, tensile strength
Most fabrics produced by conventional methods have two orthogonal planes of symmetry, and they are considered as orthotropic materials. The aim of this study is to design an innovative fabric structure with transversely isotropic properties. Using two sets of yarns, namely radial yarns and circumferential yarn, the new fabric structure was defined in the polar coordinate system. The geometrical parameters of fabric were determined using variables of polar coordinate (). In order to achieve the centrally symmetric properties, an algorithm was proposed for yarn undulation. Fabrics were produced according to given algorithm. The maximum C.V.% of 16.5 was achieved for density variation in different region of fabrics by implementation of proposed algorithm. The samples were subjected to tensile testing. The results of the experiments indicated that the tensile behavior of the fabrics is the same in different directions, so that the maximum SD of 4.95 was recorded for samples; that is to say, the fabric has centrally symmetric properties and can be considered as transversely isotropic material.