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Contactless measurement of fabric thickness using optical coherence tomography

Metin Sabuncu, Hakan Özdemir
The journal of the Textile Institute 2022 v.113 no.5 pp. 713-717
insulating materials, tomography, woven fabrics
Fabric thickness is an important parameter in textiles since it affects crucial fabric properties such as stiffness and thermal insulation. The standard method of measuring fabric thickness involves cutting the fabrics and applying pressure to compress the fabric. These compression-based methods require a probe to come in contact with the fabric itself and take distance measurements between the two fabric surfaces. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a non-destructive and non-contact technique that allows high resolution imaging by the use of photons. This paper describes the application of the spectral domain optical coherence tomography imaging technique for the contactless measurement of woven fabric thickness. We present the results of fabric thickness measurements that were performed by OCT scans. We conclude that OCT imaging can be used to measure fabric thickness in a non-destructive and contactless manner.