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Effect of fabric properties on microfiber shedding from synthetic textiles

S. Raja Balasaraswathi, R. Rathinamoorthy
The journal of the Textile Institute 2025 v.113 no.5 pp. 789-809
abrasion resistance, knitted fabrics, laundry, polyesters, weight loss
In this research, microfiber release from knitted fabric was analysed with open edge and edge covered with lock stitch. The main aim of the research is to evaluate the role of fabric parameters on microfiber shedding using a laboratory scale laundry machine. Hence, in this study, 100% polyester fabric with the same structure and different weight (mass per square meter) were analysed. Similarly, to estimate the role of the fabric structure, different structures with the same weight were also laundered and microfiber count and mass values were estimated. The research results reported that fabric with higher weight sheds more amount of microfiber per square meter of fabric laundered. This could be related to the higher thickness and coarser filament denier in the higher weight fabric. Further, a reduction in shedding was evident in the case of higher stitch density, tightness factor, and lower loop length. As far as the structures are concerned, the Interlock structure sheds more microfiber during the laundry compared to the 1X1 rib and single jersey. This is true when we consider the stitch density and tightness factor of the selected structures. In physical property analysis, a positive correlation is noted between bursting strength and shedding behaviour. In the case of abrasion resistance, a negative correlation was noted with weight loss percentage and shedding. The results did not show any correlation between microfiber shedding and pilling properties of the synthetic textiles.