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Military customized fabric hyperbaric chamber - design and safety aspects

R. G. Revaiah, T. M. Kotresh, Balasubramanian Kandasubrmanian
The journal of the Textile Institute 2022 v.113 no.5 pp. 869-881
altitude, atmospheric pressure, edema, fabrics, gas exchange, military personnel, oxygen, oxygen partial pressure
Lungs are the primary interface between the atmosphere and working tissues and act as the primary metabolic machinery of the body. The gas exchange that occurs inside the lungs through alveoli ensures adequate supply of oxygen to the tissues and determines the physical and physiological well beingness of the individuals. Barometric pressure decreases as altitude increases and individuals performing physically taxing activities in hypobaric hypoxic conditions need oxygen supplement due to reduced partial pressure of oxygen unless fully acclimatized. The physical activities at high altitude need more oxygen (partial pressure) to compensate for reduced barometric pressure. High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema (HAPO) is a deadly and fatal condition that can manifest in sojourners, mountaineers, scientific expedition teams or military personnel at high altitude. This paper while providing an insight into HAPO conditions, describes the principles behind design and safety of military customised fabric chamber developed by authors for field treatment.