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Nutritional evaluation and bioactive microconstituents (phytosterols, tocopherols, polyphenols, triterpenic acids) in cooked dry legumes usually consumed in the Mediterranean countries

Kalogeropoulos, Nick, Chiou, Antonia, Ioannou, Maria, Karathanos, Vaios T., Hassapidou, Maria, Andrikopoulos, Nikolaos K.
Food chemistry 2010 v.121 no.3 pp. 682-690
legumes, food composition, nutrient content, phytochemicals, phytosterols, tocopherols, polyphenols, triterpene acids, cooked foods, dry beans, faba beans, chickpeas, lentils, pinto beans, cowpeas, peas, cultivars, crude protein, protein content, crude fiber, fiber content, energy content, chemical concentration, squalene, linolenic acid, phenolic compounds, flavonoids, flavanols, nutrient intake, Mediterranean region
In the present study we report the crude composition and several bioactive microconstituents content in cooked dry legumes, usually consumed in Mediterranean countries. The legumes studied were broad beans, chickpeas, two split peas varieties, two lentils varieties, pinto beans, black-eyed beans, five white beans varieties and white lupines. Crude protein, crude fibre and energy content ranged from 6.1% to 11.5%, 3.6% to 11.7%, and 103 to 155kcal/100g, respectively. Phytosterols concentrations ranged from 13.5 to 53.6mg/100g. Tocopherols and squalene were present at 0.26-1.78 and 0.12-1.74mg/100g, respectively. Legumes' lipids were rich in alpha-linolenic acid which comprised 2.5-41.7% of fatty acids. Total phenolic content of the cooked legumes ranged from 11.8 to 25.9mg gallic acid equivalents/100g, simple polyphenols ranged between 0.32 and 2.4mg/100g and triterpenic acids between 0.34 and 8.5mg/100g, with lentils exhibiting the higher values in all cases. Among the simple polyphenols determined, flavonoids - mainly catechins-predominated in lentils and chickpeas, and phenolic acids in the rest of legumes. Nutritional evaluation concerning the daily intake of macro and micronutrients in relation to the consumption of cooked legumes is discussed.