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Effects of Crop Nutrition on Wheat Grain Composition and End Use Quality

Godfrey, Dan, Hawkesford, Malcolm J., Powers, Stephen J., Millar, Sam, Shewry, Peter R.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2010 v.58 no.5 pp. 3012-3021
nutrient management, wheat, Triticum aestivum, nitrogen fertilizers, gliadin, dough, food analysis, food composition, protein content, wheat protein, wheat gluten, cultivars, breadmaking, breadmaking quality
Increasing applications of nitrogen fertilizer to wheat (from 0 to 288 kg/ha) resulted in an increased proportion of gliadin proteins and increased dough extensibility. Flour from a plot receiving 192 kg/ha N (and no S) was similar to that from a plot receiving 192 kg/ha N and 53 kg/ha S, but the proportion of omega-gliadins was increased and dough strength was more similar to that from plots with lower N. The grain %N from a plot receiving 35 t/ha farmyard manure was similar to that from the plot receiving 144 kg/ha N, indicating that much of the applied N was unavailable. The protein composition and dough properties of flour from this plot were similar to those of grain from conventionally fertilized plots with similar grain N contents. Similar differences in grain N content, protein composition, and functional properties were observed in grain samples from commercial organic and conventional farms.