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Acaricidal activity of Satureja thymbra L. essential oil and its major components, carvacrol and γ-terpinene against adult Hyalomma marginatum (Acari: Ixodidae)

Cetin, H., Cilek, J.E., Oz, E., Aydin, L., Deveci, O., Yanikoglu, A.
Veterinary parasitology 2010 v.170 no.3-4 pp. 287-290
Hyalomma marginatum, carvacrol, acaricidal properties, tick control, adult animals, terpenoids, Satureja, essential oils, mortality, gamma-terpinene
The acaricidal activity of a volatile essential oil hydrodistillate of Satureja thymbra L. (Lamiaceae) and its major constituents, carvacrol and γ-terpinene, were evaluated against field-collected unfed adult Hyalomma marginatum. The distillate was tested against this tick species at 5, 10, 20, and 40μL/L while the two major components were each tested at 10μL/L. Generally, tick mortality to the S. thymbra distillate increased with concentration and exposure time. Ticks exposed to vapors from cotton wicks containing at least 40μL/L resulted in complete (100%) mortality at 3h. The lower concentrations provided ≥90% mortality at 3h post treatment with complete mortality at 24h. Knockdown was observed only in the carvacrol and γ-terpinene treatments. Ticks exposed to carvacrol-treated wicks produced >93% knockdown at 3h but at 24h approximately 57% were dead. The γ-terpinene treatment produced ≥90% knockdown at 105min through 3h but at 24h only about 87% of the ticks were dead.