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Active Paraffin-Based Paper Packaging for Extending the Shelf Life of Cherry Tomatoes

Rodriguez-Lafuente, Angel, Nerin, Cristina, Batlle, Ramon
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2010 v.58 no.11 pp. 6780-6786
alkanes, coatings, food packaging, packaging materials, kraft paper, tomatoes, food storage, storage quality, shelf life, Alternaria alternata, antifungal properties, in vitro studies, in vivo studies, cinnamon, oregano, essential oils, bark, cloves, leaves, physicochemical properties, pH, weight, water activity, color, packaging materials migration, carvacrol, storage time
A new active paraffin coating for paper and board was evaluated for antimicrobial protection and decay retardation for cherry tomatoes. Different active agents were evaluated against Alternaria alternata fungus both in vitro and in vivo using artificially inoculated cherry tomatoes. Bark cinnamon and oregano essential oil showed the best performance (versus clove and leaf cinnamon essential oils) when incorporated to active paper or board used for packaging at nominal concentrations of 3 and 6% (w/w), respectively. Almost total inhibition of the fungus was obtained when 6% of bark cinnamon essential oil was applied to the packaging material. A number of physicochemical parameters such as pH, weight loss, water activity, and color were monitored, and no significant differences between active, blank, and control samples were found for weight loss and color difference. The maximum transfer of trans-cinnamaldehyde and carvacrol to the food was detected after 1 or 2 days of storage. Sensorial analysis was performed, and panelists were not able to detect changes in cinnamon-based packaged tomatoes but they could in the oregano-based tomatoes.