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Pretreatment incubation for culture and cryopreservation of Sabal embryos

Wen, Bin, Wang, Ruling
Plant cell, tissue, and organ culture 2010 v.102 no.2 pp. 237-243
water content, Sabal, conservation plants, germplasm conservation, cryopreservation, plant genetic resources, embryo (plant), explants, seed treatment, agar, temperature, mortality, desiccation (plant physiology), germination
Zygotic embryos from mature seeds of Sabal jamaicensis, S. minor, S. umbraculifera and S. yapa were cultured in vitro and cryopreserved successfully. Seed pretreatment prior to embryo isolation was shown to be crucial. Soaking seeds in water or sowing on 1% agar followed by incubation at 30°C for 1 day (S. jamaicensis, S. minor and S. umbraculifera) or 3 days (S. yapa only) prior to embryo isolation increased the percentage emergence of cultured embryos from less than 20% to more than 94%. Without this pretreatment, most isolated embryos turned brown and died soon after culture. Through preincubation combined with partial dehydration to 18-28% moisture content, direct freezing and rapid thawing, isolated embryos were successfully cryopreserved and 31-44% emergence was achieved from postthawed embryos for the four Sabal species.