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Effect of Pulsed Electric Fields Treatment and Mash Size on Extraction and Composition of Apple Juices

Turk, Mohammad F., Baron, Alain, Vorobiev, Eugene
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2010 v.58 no.17 pp. 9611–9616
pulsed electric fields, food processing quality, extraction, apple juice, mashing, particle size, yields, food analysis, food composition, food quality, polyphenols
This study explored the effect of pulsed electric field (PEF) treatment (E = 450 V/cm; tt = 10 ms; E < 3 kJ/kg) and apple mash size on juice yield, polyphenolic compounds, sugars, and malic acid. Juice yield increased significantly after PEF treatment of large mash (Y = 71.4%) and remained higher than the juice yield obtained for a control small mash (45.6%). The acid sweet balance was not altered by PEF. A correlation was established between the decrease of light absorbance (control: 1.43; treated: 1.10) and the decline of native polyphenols yield due to PEF treatment (control: 9.6%; treated: 5.9% for small mash). An enhanced oxidation of phenolic compounds in cells due to electroporation of the inner cell membrane and the adsorption of the oxidized products on the mash may explain both the lower light absorbance and the lower native polyphenol concentration.